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The Advanced Diploma course is recognized nationally by CMII – The Credit Management Institute of Ireland and internationally by AICDP – The Association of International Credit Directors and Professionals.

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The Advanced Diploma in Credit Management focuses on the Management of Credit. It covers: managing people, managing the function and most importantly, managing yourself. It is designed specifically for Credit Managers and Credit Team Leaders who have completed their one year Diploma.

Our goal is to promote the profession of credit management and to equip our students for success in the real world, and the Advanced Diploma focuses exclusively on these areas. The skills you need to be a great credit controller are not the same as the skills you need to become a great manager, and this course will give you the tools and the insights to show you how to excel in a management role and to bring a level of risk aware commercialism to the function that will be of benefit to your current and all future employers.


1. Self-Management.

2. Team Management.

3. Manage the Function.

4. Internal Reporting

5. Management Reporting

6. Managing individuals

7. Building your confidence

8. Time Management

9. Goal setting and achievement

10. Managing High Risk Accounts

11. Managing your boundaries.


We will have a regular Zoom get together with a small number (not more than 7) of your fellow credit managers, to discuss progress and to share information on how to overcome your greatest challenges.

The course works best if you are a team leader, supervisor or manager with people reporting directly to you. If you are an aspiring manager, the exercises will still be interesting, the true power of the course lies in its practical application.

This is much more than just an academic Advanced Diploma in Credit Management, yes you will gain a professional qualification, you will also get so much more. You will have access to all the information, the contacts, and an extended network that it can take a lifetime to achieve, and in addition to the material, the knowledge and the techniques to apply the learning, you will have access throughout the course to practical help and advice.


"Excellent courses which I would highly recommend. The Diploma & Advanced Diploma course covers all aspects and increases ones level of understanding in the areas of accountancy ( important areas for me were looking at the analysis of trial balance & being taught the skills to balance the balance sheet) to law, advanced law and credit management & improving ones collection skills).    Help is always available from the lecturers & course director. High quality notes & assignments are delivered punctually. I found the self study to be good in conjunction with the lectures as one can organize the study around work hours.The Diploma & Advanced Diploma in credit management are interactive, fast paced courses that provide practical, great knowledge that can be applied in the workplace & can boost knowledge to enable one to have greater skills in the workplace, which can result in increased opportunities & career advancement.

ciara o'brien

"I attended the two year Advanced Diploma in Credit Management course just over two years ago.   I worked in a Credit Control capacity and I found the course to be of immense practical value for my day to day job by not only improving my direct credit learnings  (including great reports on DSO!)  but also broader topics such as Finance and Law. I also felt that the study provided me with some huge personal development opportunities which I did not expect – such as language I use, tone of responses and so on. Some of the greatest elements of value to me were the stories and learnings from the teachers and students – people came from a broad range of companies and disciplines so it was hugely enriching to learn from each other.  The study projects and work groups were great fun and challenging especially on the days we had to submit our work!!  I would highly recommend this course and am eternally grateful to Declan and the team for giving me a great opportunity to develop my skills."


To see more of what our students have said about their experience with our courses click here.

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