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Expanding the Credit Profession through Qualified Credit Professionals

It is an hour long and will give you an insight to both the AICDP and the International Diploma in Credit Management

VAT Validation

To check a valid European VAT number

Articles on Credit Management 

Articles written by Declan on the subject of Credit Management


To get details on the Association of International Credit Directors and Professionals (AICDP) 

Late Payment Interest

Information about about charging Late Payment Interest

IBAN Checker

To check the validity of an Irish bank account number and sort code

DSO Calculator

Download a simple DSO calculatoR

Time Management

Download a copy of your Time Management Matrix

Companies Registration Office

To see if an Irish Company is properly set up use the search option on the top left corner


 Details on the Credit Management Institute of Ireland (CMII)

Key Business Ratios

Download a spreadsheet where you enter accounts data and it will calculate the ratios for you

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