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To give yourself the best chance of success, please consider the guidelines below.

1. Complete every section of the form

2. Get testimonials from your senior managers, other departments you work with, your customers or your suppliers.

3, Include either a photo of the team or a short video of the team at work.

4, The areas that impress the judges:
                         (a) Collection Results
                         (b) Openness to change/ growth
                         (c) Your working relationships with all stakeholders
                         (d) Your commercial awareness
                         (e) Having trained and qualified staff members
                         (f) Your commitment to delivering excellence in everything you do
                         (g) How well you work together as a unit
                         (h) A glowing report of your work from your Finance Director, Sales Director or Managing Director
                         (i) The adoption of the latest technology
                         (j) An overall positive approach to credit
                         (k) Graphs and Data showing your success (You can include the data in percentage terms not to give away any trade secrets!)  

5. Return the form by the due date and time 

6. Take your time filling in all the details, rushed applications can be spotted easily. 

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